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“Rural Child Development Demonstration Zone in Bijie Pilot Area” Honored the 2022 Outstanding Case of China Philanthropist Annual Awarding Ceremony

On the evening of February 28, 2023, China Philanthropist magazine and Weibo hosted the 2022 Awarding Ceremony. “Rural Child Development Demonstration Zone in Bijie Pilot Area” of the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) was awarded Outstanding Case of 2022. Qiao Zhengyang, Deputy Secretary General, CDRF, attended the ceremony and received the award on behalf of CDRF.

The Rural Child Development Demonstration Zone was initiated in September 2021, after CDRF and the Bijie Municipal People's Government signed a cooperation agreement. The program focuses on human resource development, comprehensively implements a life-cycle pilot program from birth to employment, focuses on nutrition, education, care, and protection of children and will employ precise interventions enabled by information. It strives to fill the missing parts of 0-3 years stage and strengthen the weak points of 3-6 years stage. The whole process mainly includes the following project phases:

1. Nutritional intervention and breastfeeding guidance from pregnancy and perinatal period to 6 months of age and treatment subsidy for birth defects among newborns;

2. Early parenting guidance and nutritional intervention for infants aged 6-36 months;

3. Promoting universal access to high-quality preschool education and constructing scientific link between kindergarten and primary school for rural children aged 3-6; Enhancing nutrition and the quality of school teaching and learning for children 6-15 years old;

4. Improving quality of vocational education for children 15-18 years old.