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Breastfeeding Promotion Initiative

About the Program

In early 2017, supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Breastfeeding Promotion Initiative has been launched by CDRF and implemented by Child Development Center. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of breastfeeding and its influencing factors in China, this initiative is designed to promote multi-sector cooperation, put breastfeeding on the agenda of policy-makers for policy improvement, advocate optimal breastfeeding practices and shape supportive social environment for a better and healthier development of mother and children. The initiative is consisting of four main contents:

1.Evidence Generation National surveys have been conducted to have a basic understanding of key influencing factors for breastfeeding in China, which serves as a solid foundation for multi-level targeted project interventions.

2.Public Communication Closely work with media partners, this initiative shapes supportive social environment and culture norms to promote the implementation of optimal breastfeeding practices.

3.Policy Advocacy This initiative builds partnerships with relevant government agencies, puts breastfeeding issues on the agenda of policy-makers and promote the formulation and improvement of relevant policies.

4.Coalition Establishment Involving relevant international organizations, civil organizations and expert groups, this initiative establishes breastfeeding promotion alliance and seeks for sustainable breastfeeding promotion models.

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