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Handbook on Public Budgeting

The Public Budgeting Reform Program, initiated by the China Development Research Foundation, supports a series of sub-programs about public budgeting reform and public policy evaluation via research, training and international communication. CDRF conducts innovative pilots of participatory budgeting in collaboration with local governments. An important component of this program is to compile the reference book of public budgeting for NPC delegates at various levels with simple and easy-to-understand language.

In 2006, CDRF invited several scholars to compile the Handbook of Public Budgeting which was well received.

In 2008, CDRF invited a large number of scholars to compile the book of Public Budgeting whose content was more solid and systematic with cases of local budget review and supervision. This book helps NPC delegates and people’s congresses at various levels to fulfill their function, and is valuable reference for readers who are interested in Chinese economic issues.