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China's Social Housing Policies

In September 2011, CDRF and Grosvenor Group co-launched the program of Research on China’s Low-Income Housing Policies.

Starting from major functions of low-income housing which aim at promoting social equality, advancing urbanization, encouraging energy-saving and carbon emission reduction, and stabilizing macro economy, this program reviews and evaluates China’s housing policies and local practice of supplying low-income housing in recent years to provide policy recommendations for central policy-making.

In December, CDRF selected 15 sub-projects through a public tender process, and will jointly launch the research project of “Urbanization and Green Development” with OECD.

In 2012, CDRF initiated the program of Research on China’s Social Housing Policies and conducted many field investigations in several provinces to study China’s social housing policies and their implementation. This program coordinates the research resources from government, research institutes and universities via bidding and completes 16 research reports as well as the final report Social Housing in China’s Urbanization.

On 7th August, 2012, CDRF held in Beijing the International Symposium on Social Housing Policies—Intensifying Housing Security for Everyone. In-depth discussions were conducted on a variety of topics, such as the implementation and effect of China’s social housing policies, international experience for social housing, Chinese local practice of social housing projects, land and financing for social housing projects. Both the research achievements and symposium have aroused widespread awareness and recognition from government, academia and other walks of society.

In parallel with the conference, CDRF also held an exhibition of excellent social housing projects as well as energy-efficient and environment-friendly housing technologies, in order to showcase Chinese achievement of local social housing construction as well as foreign cutting-edge housing technologies.