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A delegation visited the UK and Denmark to exchange views on social security and innovation

A delegation of seven members organized by the CDRF and led by Zhang Laiming, Vice President of the Development Research Center of the State Council, visited the UK and Denmark for an 8-day field research and learning opportunity regarding social security and innovation (October 9-20, 2016). The delegation visited the University of Cambridge, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), International Development Institute (UK), PwC Center for Social Impact, the Danish Ministry of Finance, the Danish Ministry of Health, the Health Department of Copenhagen and other institutions and attended a series of seminars organized by them. They held in-depth talks with experts and government authorities on social security and innovation, reforms in the two countries in recent years, and problems, solutions and results achieved in medical, pension, poverty relief and other key fields.

The social security systems in the UK and Denmark have been relatively well-established after years of development, ensuring the public’s access to medical care, education and elderly care and laying a solid foundation for economic development and public security. In recent years, as the economic and fiscal growth slows down, both countries have been actively promoting social security reform. Facing the increasing strains brought by aging population, both countries are exploring new ways to strengthen their social security systems. Learning from and drawing on the experience of the two countries in social security and innovation will help China further deepen its social security reform.