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“One Village One Preschool”Childrens’Picture Book Packages Improve the quality of Preschool Education in Rural Areas

To further meet the demand for high-quality children's picture books of  village early education centers in “One Village One Preschool”program for improving the quality of preschool in rural areas. CDRF purchased 3,342 sets of children's picture book packages for 18 project counties of the “One village One Preschool: Village Early Education Center” Program in March 2023. The completion of the large-scale procurement of children's picture book packages not only provides more abundant reading resources for children, but also provides strong supplements and support for the continuous quality improvement of the project.

In addition to the allocation of these picture book packages, CDRF will also provide a one-year special training on picture book reading for preschool teachers in counties of project, aiming to enhance the teaching ability of kindergarten teachers and the guidance ability of reading activities, and promote the quality development of preschool education in rural areas.

On March 5, 2023, the project carried out the first special training in pictorial reading, led by Wang Jiantou, Principal Researcher Teacher of LeMiLe Child Development Research Center.18 project counties nearly 3,000 early childhood teachers participated in the training.