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School Meal Salt Reduction Project Launched in Ningxia

On May 13, 2023, the launching ceremony of the China Development Research Foundation's school meal salt reduction project was held at the Seventh Middle School in Xiji County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Lu Mai, former vice chairman of China Development Research Foundation, Wang Chengfeng, secretary of the party group and director of Education Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Li Hui, deputy director of Local Finance Division of Finance Department of Ministry of Education, Suo Feng, director of Finance Division of Education Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ma Tianxia, deputy secretary of Party Committee and county governor of Xiji County, and Shao Jianbo and Xian Ruifang, officials from Xiji County, attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, Lu Mai, former vice chairman of the China Development Research Foundation, spoke on the significance and background of the implementation of the project. He pointed out that salt intake is particularly important for health, and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension are related to excessive salt intake. In order to implement China's health policy and protect the health of rural children, schools should focus on reducing salt intake in the process of implementing the nutrition improvement plan, and control salt intake scientifically and precisely to protect the health of the next generation and form healthy eating habits.

Xian Ruifang, deputy governor of Xiji County People's Government, spoke on how Xiji County will implement the project. She said that Xiji County will continue to consolidate the achievements of the nutrition improvement program, adjust the delivery processes, scientifically develop recipes, improve the monitoring and collaboration mechanism between disease control agency (which in China also monitors nutrition) and education departments, carry out solid salt reduction education and practice activities, guide students to develop good living habits, and summarize the Xiji experience.

On behalf of the Office for National Student Nutrition, Li Hui, Deputy Director of Local Finance Division, Department of Finance, Ministry of Education, witnessed the launching ceremony and gave guidance. She pointed out that in the second decade of the nutrition improvement plan, school meals should strive to deliver "nutritious food" and "quality" from "good food" and "quantity". change.