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One Village One Preschool Awarded "China Charity Award"

On 5 September 2023, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a commendation meeting for the 12th "China Charity Award". China Development Research Foundation's (CDRF) One Village One Preschool program (OVOP) was awarded "China Charity Award".

"China Charity Award" is the highest government award in the field of charity in China. Sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, it is awarded every two years in recognitions of advanced best practices, and to inspiring and support charitable activities.

In 2009, CDRF launched the OVOP, aiming provide last mile solutions to rural pre-school education in remote areas by setting up preschools at the village level. The program has been implemented in 31 counties in 13 provinces, benefiting more than 300,000 children.

The success of OVOP could not have been achieved without the hard work of more than 4,000 volunteer teachers in rural villages, as well as the dedication and care of local governments and program officials. The growth of OVOP could not have been achieved without the supervision and support of charitable enterprises, organizations and people from all walks of life. CDRF is grateful for the support and dedication of all parties involved, and hopes that all children in underdeveloped areas can receive high-quality preschool education, and grow up healthily and happily with the love and care of their families and society during the critical period of their development.