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TheResearch CommercialHealthInsurance-MainReport

Good health lays the foundation for one’s all-round development and is the common aspiration of all. But China is faced with multiple disease threats and factors influencing people’s health such as industrialization, urbanization, aging population and changing lifestyle. The aging population and the rapid growth of chronic diseases have driven up the healthcare demand and the medical bill. Besides, along with the improvement of people’s livelihood and the expansion of the middle-income group, people have more and higher demands for medical, fitness and elderly care services.

The development of commercial health insurance can not only make up the deficiency of the basic medical insurance system , increase the income source of medical security in China, but also meet diversified, multi-tiered health demands with the abundant supply of products and services. In fact, since the new medical reform was launched in 2009, the Chinese government has attached great importance to the development of commercial health insurance and rolled out several documents in favor of it.

In the above context, China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) set up the research group on China’s commercial health insurance in 2016. In the past year and a half, the research group has conducted in-depth, comprehensive research on the supply, demand, positioning, regulation, and the impact of the medical reform. The research team not only combines the experience of the Chinese and international experts, but also carried out a questionnaire survey on the demand of commercial health insurance for urban and rural residents in China, gained a wealth of first-hand data. On the basis of topic research, investigation and supplementary research in five fields, the research team completed the report. The report reviews the achievements made by the Chinese commercial health insurance so far, analyzes challenges facing and points out the direction and key areas of development for it. 

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