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CDRF launches "Care for Women's Health" Medical Training Program

On 7 November 2023, at the 4th Family Development Symposium held in Shanghai, the "Care for Women's Health" medical training program under the Family Development Fund of the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) was officially launched.

Representatives of CDRF, The International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China welfare institute (IPMCH), and the government of Shucheng County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, and other project related parties came on the stage to announce the launch of the project. The launch ceremony was witnessed by Ma Jiantang, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Deputy Director of the Economic Committee,

The medical training program is a medical and healthcare support project under CDRF’s Family Development Fund. The program plans to organize the staff of the maternal and child health system in underdeveloped regions to receive further training in relevant specialties at hospitals in more developed cities, so as to improve medical services at the county level. In the future, the program will gradually form a series of on-site + online training systems in different medical specialties and in different forms according to the actual needs of the counties involved.

Shucheng County in Anhui Province will be the first to receive training, which will be provided by IPMCH. The training will occur over a period of 1 year, and 13 medical personnel of Shucheng county will be trained in different specialties of the relevant fields on a rotating basis.

On 6th November, Cheng Huiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of CDRF, Zheng Xiying, Vice Governor of Shucheng County, and Li Jin, co-founder of the "Care for Women's Health", and other members of the team visited IPMCH Fengxian Campus to discuss the implementation of the training program with the hospital's leadership.

CDRF hopes that the medical training program can be a pathway for implementing the objectives of the "Care for Women's Health" initiative on the ground, through better trained grassroots medical personnel, and thus benefiting more women and more families.