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Intangible Cultural Heritage Talk and CDRF- Rio Tinto Cooperation Ceremony held in Bijie

On February 17th 2023, the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) held Intangible Cultural Heritage Talk and CDRF- Rio Tinto Cooperation Ceremony in Nayong county in Bijie, Guizhou. FANG Jin, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CDRF, Alf Barrios, Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of Rio Tinto China (Online), Cai Chengwu, Deputy Secretary-general of Bijie Municipal Government, Lu Bin, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Nayong County, Yuan Ling, Executive Vice President of Rio Tinto China, Luo Xiaodong, Director of Development Research Office of Bijie Municipal Government, Luo Cheng, Deputy Director-General of Culture Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, Zhang Mengling, Deputy Mayor of Nayong County attended the event. The event was chaired by Cheng Huiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of CDRF.

Professor Qi Chunying, Director of the Institute of Ethnic Minority Clothing of Minzu University of China, Wu Can, PhD Supervisor of the Chinese Village Culture Research Center of Central South University, Zheng Yuanwen, former Director of Bijie Cultural Relics Bureau, and Eloise Hoffman, Manager of Rio Tinto Iron Mining Cultural Heritage gave talks on protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

Then, the guests went to the Baishuihe Community to participate in the unveiling ceremony of CDRF’s support for Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Cooperation in Bijie demonstration zone. The team then inspected the recommended sites for the construction of intangible cultural heritage museums in Nayong County.