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CDRF visits Bijie Zhijin County

On January 10 to 12, 2023, the "Bijie Ecological Micro-Restoration and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection" Project Team went to Bijie Zhijin County for field research, and begins survey of the ecological building construction in the central village of Machang Town.

The project team was lead Cheng Huiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of CDRF. Zhou Zhengxu, Associate Professor of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Jin Jing, Commercial Director of Suzhou Kunlun Green Building Company, Gu Jilin, Vice President of Design Institute and other experts, Zhao Chen, Government Affairs Director of Rio Tinto China, Hu Jingyu, Corporate Relations Manager, joined the project team in the field research.

The project team, accompanied by local official from relevant Bureaus and professional survey team, surveyed the project construction site, clarified the land ownership and boundaries and construction procedures, and learned about the village geography, architectural style, ethnic and culture background, and also visited the Machang Township Central Primary School to conduct in-depth research on the current situation of school construction and the expansion, laying the foundation for the next step of ecological architectural design work.

The "Bijie Ecological Micro-Restoration and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection" project aims to promote ecological civilization through social experiments, taking near zero carbon buildings as the starting point, and roll out micro-restoration projects such as village carbon monitoring, and exploring the "ecology-culture-education" synergies. In 2022, the project team went to Bijie three times, visited 28 villages, discussed with the Bijie municipal government and the county government of Zhijin, and decided to implement the project in Machang Town.