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China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) visited bijie Pilot Area to investigate ecological micro-restoration and intangible heritage protection

From February 16 to 20, 2022, Researcher Cheng Huiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), led a team to Bijie Pilot Area of Guizhou Province to carry out field research on "Ecological micro-restoration and intangible heritage protection". Rio Tinto, BES Culture and Tourism and other organizations participated in the survey. The deputy mayor of Bijie and the deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress held a discussion with members of the research group, and the deputy secretary general of The Bijie Municipal government, the director of the Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and leaders of relevant districts and counties participated in the research.



This research involves a total of 14 village research points in qixingguan District, Nayong County, Zhijin County, Hezhang County and Jinsha County. The research team investigated ecological environment and ecological restoration needs of typical villages in five counties and districts. We had an in-depth understanding of the protection status and inheritance needs of typical intangible cultural heritage projects in five counties and districts, such as local dances, Miao embroidery, batik printing and Great Migration dance, which provided a working basis for promoting rural revitalization in Bijie pilot area through carrying out ecological micro-restoration and intangible cultural heritage protection pilot projects in the next step.